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Fiona Fox 'Evil' And 'Good' by Argos90
by Argos90

This is pretty awesome! plus,why couldn't fiona fox be part of super smash bros for wii u's DLC pack? but all in all,I give this 10 sta...

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Place or origin:Unknown
Date of birth:Unknown
Bio:MetroidFan.EXE used to be just MetroidFan until the Tails Doll killed him.After meeting Sonic.EXE,he was converted to serve Sonic.EXE.He is now a servant of Sonic.EXE and SlenderMan.
Personality and abilities:MetroidFan.EXE is brutal to his victims,especially those that he knew before he was killed.He enjoys bringing suffering to his victims and loves killing.He is a lone wolf,but that changed when he met Nicole.EXE and he had a crush on her since.His abilities are OP and he is practically unkillible and overpowered.
Friends:Sonic.EXE,Tails.EXE,Nicole.EXE,Ben.EXE,Hoodie,Ticci Toby,Metal Sonic,Jeff the killer,Pinkamena,SlenderMan,Sally.EXE,Suicide mouse etc.
Likes:Nicole.EXE,killing,spicy food,pizza,serving his true master Sonic.EXE
Dislikes:Cruel people,those that wronged him,Masky(who he viciously killed by SlenderMan's order),and Mountain Dew
Quote:Some people like happy days,other are prideful and arrogant.Others like me want to watch the world burn...
MetroidFan.EXE (Bio)
Uh EXE self's bio is here! He is my CreepyPasta OC so enjoy! all characters belong to their owners
MetroidFan:Hmmm,what to do...I know! let's play some- *door bell rings* ugh,what is-oh! a package!
*grabs package,brings inside*
MetroidFan:Huh,Sonic R...haven't played it since others tell me it sucks.
Brady:Metro! you have to listen to me! I sent you Sonic R for a reason! destroy it for good! DON'T PLAY THE GAME!!! it's what he wants...don't play Sonic R,or he'll come for you... Smells Like Teen Spirit 
MetroidFan:This better not be one your stupid pranks,okay? WTF?! 
*hangs up*
MetroidFan:Whatever! I'm playing this game no matter what Brady says!
*some time later...*
MetroidFan:Awesome! I unlocked Tails Doll! now to tag Super Sonic! *tags Super Sonic* huh? the game freezed?!
???:Hello,MetroidFan...Brady tried to stop you from playing my game,did he? too bad,his fate is sealed...
MetroidFan:Not cool! so not cool!!
Tails Doll:Come and play with me...we'll have fun...
MetroidFan:NOPE. Time to haul ass out of here! 
Tails Doll:It's hopeless to resist...Can you feel the sunshine?
MetroidFan:I do and IT BURNS!!!I'm on fire! 
Tails Doll:Now then,time for you to feel the sunshine!
MetroidFan:Uhh,let me think...NO!
*Tails Doll kills MetroidFan*
MetroidFan:Well...s-sh*t... *dies*
MetroidFan.EXE:Ugh,where am I?
Sonic.EXE:You are one of us now...poor Brady didn't want to play with us...
MetroidFan.EXE:Well,he was a big jerk to me,so he deserved it...
Tails Doll:Good,now then...where will we make others feel the sunshine...
Sonic.EXE:I have one thing to ask,MetroidFan...
MetroidFan.EXE:Go ahead...
Sonic.EXE: Do you want to fast,like me? 
MetroidFan.EXE: *demonic voice* YeSsSs...
Brady:No...they got MetroidFan...I knew I shouldn't have sent that game to him,and I've been a jerk to him before he died...I'm so sorry... *cries*
MetroidFan.EXE:You should be sorry,Brady...for what you've done to me,those pranks of to prank your ass to hell! *lifts Brady by his throat*
Brady:Metro,please! *kaff* I'm real sorry,you have to believe...*kaff,kaff* me!
MetroidFan.EXE:Hear this...I am the face of everything you have EVER been afraid of,I am the voice in your head that assures you that death approaches, now,I'm gonna put my pain into your soul! 'cuz you know why?
Brady: *kaff* why? *rips Brady in half*
Tails Doll:Good,make them despawn and not respawn...
Sonic.EXE:Soon,this world will only answer us...we are the absolution.
MetroidFan.EXE: Once we're finished with our victims,they're time IS...OVER! EVIL Laughter! 

The End
The Tails Doll Curse
I added Sonic.EXE cuz why not? It's been a while since I did a scary story.let me tell you this:This story NEVER happened in real life,so don't be assholes about it,okay? good,then enjoy! (beware of my .EXE self)
Scratch that,my class begins next week,sorry! :saddummy:
Ask me anything in the comments if you wish,but life is good for me,but my college classes start this Friday....kill me plz! Stay awesome!
Sonic:We'll take care of Eggman.You handle Metal Sonic,let's do this!
Tails:Leave it to me,Sonic!
Metal Sonic:You cannot defeat me,fool.My design is flawless... EVIL Laughter! 
MetroidFan:I'ma gonna die...  Facepalm 
Shadow:Not this time...Chaos Control!
(time slows)
MetroidFan:Thanks for the hand there!
Shadow:Now to catch up with Sonic...
MetroidFan:Lucky punch! *punches Metal Sonic* God why?!?! Smells Like Teen Spirit 
Metal Sonic:Time to seal your fate...DIE!!! *fires obelisk laser*
MetroidFan:Ha haa! luckily I dodged it! *uses Hadouken*
Metal Sonic:How could this be?! I am the real Sonic,my copy is the fake! I am the overlord!
MetroidFan:Not today... *uses sonic boom,destroys Metal Sonic*
Sonic:We did it! Eggman's toast!
Sally:We have the portal working again.It's a shame you're leaving.
Tails:Yeah,we're gonna miss you!
MetroidFan:I know,and Sonic?
MetroidFan:...Stay awesome. *bro fists Sonic*
Sonic:Keep it cool,Metro!
MetroidFan:Man,what a crazy time I had...huh?
(grabs chaos emerald)
MetroidFan:A chaos emerald? what's it doing here? must be Sonic's gift to me.

The End?
If MetroidFan Was In Sonic The Hedgehog Final
Finally ending this series with Sonic's friends defeating Eggman while I face Metal Sonic! hope you like it!
Sonic belongs to SEGA


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United States
Hey guys! call me MetroidFan,or John.I like Minecraft,Undertale,Sonic,Super Mario,and Street Fighter.I like to write and stuff,sooo yeah...ask me anything! I'm always open for questions! <3


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